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What’s all the buzz about Self Regulation?

It all began with a marshmallow.  Yes, a marshmallow.

In the following video, hear Dr. Stuart Shanker explain the crucial role self-regulation plays in a child’s present and future success and how a marshmallow was involved in the discovery of this important information!

Dr. Shanker will be speaking on the subject of self-regulation at the Positive Discipline Conference in Calgary on October 26!  He will be providing information on why it’s such an important skill for kids to develop.

He will also be sharing information on how to set up environments so that children can reach optimum self-regulation.

This is “need to know” information for parents, teachers, childcare providers & anyone working with children!

Dr. Jane Nelsen, author of  Positive Discipline  will be a featured speaker as well.

For more info on the conference visit: 

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