We live in an age when parenting can be particularly demanding and difficult. More and more children are exhibiting challenging behaviour! Behaviours such as defiance, not listening, lethargy, back talk and media addiction are only a few of the challenges that parents share that they are experiencing.

We have solutions!

Positive Discipline Solutions offers parents non-punitive, evidence-based tools and methods that can transform children’s behaviour as well as parent child relationships.

Our approach melds recent research findings on brain development and function, as well findings regarding
the importance of helping children develop important social emotional skills.

“Where in the world did we get the crazy idea that in order for kids to do better, we have to first make them feel worse?”     – Dr. Jane Nelsen


Positive Discipline Solution’s workshops and online programs are aimed at supporting parents and other adults in helping children develop self-confidence, responsibility, independence and other social emotional skills including self-regulation.

“The Positive Discipline workshop that I attended was incredibly eye opening and informative. I recommend this to every parent!” – Evan Bahry, Parent

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