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Are you wanting to learn methods and strategies that will enhance your parenting skills and create a peaceful home environment in which your children thrive, learn and cooperate?

Are you looking for solutions to discipline challenges such as:

  • not listening
  • backtalk
  • whining
  • refusal to do chores
  • lethargy
  • homework troubles
  • technology overuse
  • BIG emotions such as tantrums
  • and more?

Then the Discipline with Influence Online Parenting Program is for You!


In this course, parenting expert and Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, Ruth Buffam, combines her knowledge and experience as a teacher and parent, as well as her training in psychology, positive discipline and parent effectiveness to bring parents research based information, methods and tools that enable them to create the peaceful household they dream of.

The course provides a step by step system to creating a harmonious home environment in which children are respectful and cooperative while at the same time are developing the skills and capabilities that set them up for success both now and in the future.

How does it work?

Once you register, an introductory module will be delivered to your email box containing some basic information about the course plus some preparation work to complete before proceeding with the rest of the course.  Then in the following weeks, the 7 core modules will be delivered to your email box for you to download and complete at your own convenience. 

Each module will include:

Instead of going to a one-day seminar where you feel like you are in information overload mode, you get manageable weekly content which you can implement on a gradual basis. (See below for overviews of each week’s content)

And of course, there’s no travel involved. Just download the seminar module, workbook and action plans from wherever you are and you’re on your way to becoming a better parent!

Get the information and tools to
discipline positively and effectively!

The regular cost of the course is $99.00
but is now being offered for
only $29.00 (Canadian dollar)
to make it more affordable during these challenging times.

 Please insert the code SAVE  in order
to receive this special price when registering.

Check out what you’ll learn each week:

In the Introductory Module you will learn how to most effectively proceed through The Discipline with Influence Course.  course. You will also have the opportunity to reflect on your current parenting methods and learn what research has to say about the most effective approach to parenting.

Then the information in the following modules include:

Module 1: “Discipline: Keeping it Positive”
Learn & Discover:
  • A major mistake that most parents make when it comes to discipline
  • Why many common discipline methods are ineffective, counterproductive and even harmful to children
  • A common parenting assumption that is a myth
  • The single most effective way to bring about more positive behaviour in children
  • Parenting solutions and tools to implement now


Module 2: “Mindful Discipline: Discipline with the Brain in mind”
Learn & Discover:
  • 3 Essential Facts about the brain that all parents ABSOLUTELY need to know in order to parent and discipline effectively
  • Why problem solving is futile when emotions are running high
  • How to communicate with children so that they will listen and respond in a more flexible manner
  • The What, When and How of Consequences
  • More parenting solutions and tools to implement now


Module 3: “Helping Kids Regulate their Emotions & Behaviour”
Learn & Discover:
  • What current research says about paving the way for your child’s success
  • What’s at the root of many challenging behaviours and what to do about it
  • How to help your child develop emotional intelligence, regulate their emotions, and develop self-control
  • How to come to a deeper understanding of your child’s individual needs and temperament
  • More parenting solutions and tools to implement now


Module 4: “Say Goodbye to Challenging Behaviour by Giving Kids What they Need to Succeed”
Learn & Discover:
  • 10 needs that need to be met in order for children to thrive
  • How to create an environment in which children will have little reason to “misbehave”
  • The key to developing a mutually respectful relationship with your child
  • How to deal with behaviours such as attention seeking, interrupting, backtalk, power struggles and more
  • More parenting solutions and tools to implement now


Module 5: “Developing Your Child’s Problem Solving Abilities and Sense of Responsibility”
Learn & Discover:
  • Why it’s so important for children to develop an inner locus of control and how to support them in doing that
  • How to win your child’s cooperation and create agreements they will keep
  • How to teach your child effective problem solving skills
  • More parenting solutions and tools to implement now


Module 6: “Cultivating Your Child’s Self-Esteem and Social Competencies”
Learn & Discover:
  • How to help your child develop true self-esteem (vs. an entitlement attitude)
  • What you can do to enhance your child’s social intelligence
  • Ways to help your child develop a social conscience
  • What you need to know about sibling rivalry
  • More parenting solutions and tools to implement now


Module 7: “On the Home Stretch: Essential Practices for Family Harmony”
Learn & Discover:
  • How to create cohesiveness in your family
  • An necessary practice for family harmony
  • Why self-care is so important.
  • More parenting solutions and tools to implement now

PLUS: Receive numerous bonus materials and resources
as you move through the course!

Be the best parent you can be!

Again: the regular cost of the course is $99.00
but is now being offered for

only 29.00 (Canadian dollar)
to make it more affordable during these challenging times.

NB: Please insert the code SAVE when registering.
 NOTE: Once you register, an Introductory Module will be delivered to your email box.

Get started NOW!

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