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Positive Discipline Conference, Calgary, AB. Oct. 25 & 26, 2013

Exciting Opportunity for Parents, Teachers, Caregivers or anyone working with Children! 

The Positive Discipline Conference which is taking place October 25 & 26 in Calgary, promises to provide a unique learning opportunity for parents, teachers, caregivers and anyone working with children.

Those who attend this event will receive information that, if applied, can influence how successful their children or the children they work with will be, not only academically but socially and emotionally as well.

 Read on to learn more!

There is an impressive body of research that shows that when children develop the essential skills that will be shared by the Keynote speakers and other presenters at this conference, they are more successful in life.

Information shared at the conference, will particularly focus on how to support children in the development self-regulatory skills as well as discipline methods that help children develop self-regulation and other social emotional skills.

Because research consistently shows that the ability to self-regulate and the degree of social emotional intelligence that one possesses is a better predictor of academic performance than IQ!

The development of these skills and attributes have implications for how well a child will do in relationships and of course have major implications with regards to a child’s behavior as well!

Learn from these two outstanding experts! Dr. Stuart Shanker

Dr. Stuart Shanker is a world renowned expert on self-regulation and will be providing invaluable information on how to help children
develop this crucial skill!

Jane Nelsen

Dr. Jane Nelsen, creator of the Positive Discipline Program and co-creator of the Developing Capable Young People Program will be sharing seven significant skills that children need to develop in order to be successful and will also be sharing her wisdom and knowledge regarding Positive Discipline (which supports the development of self-regulation & social emotional skills).

Both Dr. Nelsen & Dr. Shanker will be delivering keynotes and facilitating workshops.

Attending this conference is an outstanding opportunity!

There is a great line up of breakout sessions in addition to the guest speakers. Workshops for parents, teachers, caregivers and anyone working with children (including children with special needs) are being offered by the Dr. Nelsen and Dr. Shanker as well as other skilled and knowledgeable presenters!

It is an event that you don’t want to miss!

For more information please visit and click on the conference link.

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