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Positive Discipline Tools for Kids Guidebook – Download Version


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Positive Discipline is an encouragement model for supporting responsible, respectful behavior, and building healthy relationships. We follow the teachings of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs that are based on universal principles that hold true in all relationships, such as treating everyone with dignity and respect—including children. All Positive Discipline “tools” are respectful and encouraging to children and the adults in their lives.

The basic Adlerian principles are:

  • The need for Belonging (connection and unconditional love)
  • The need for Significance (capability and responsibility)
  • Dignity and respect for all people
  • Understanding the beliefs behind behavior
  • Social interest and contribution as the foundation for mental health
  • A balance of kindness and firmness at the same time
  • Connection before correction
  • Mistakes as opportunities to learn
  • Cooperation vs. competition
  • Focusing on solutions

This Guidebook includes many activities for teaching social-emotional skills based on these principles to help children encourage themselves and each other.

Designed to go along with the Tool Cards for Kids. Click Here

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