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Positive Discipline Parents Workbook E-Book Download (PDF File)


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For years we have wanted to create a Positive Discipline Workbook. However, I did not want it to be a boring, fill in the blanks workbook. Then I discovered Diane Durands illustrations and felt inspired to finish the project in a different way.

Each lesson in this Positive Discipline Workbook is filled with illustrations to capture your interest and tell the Positive Discipline story better than words alone. Experiential activities and parenting tools are included in each lesson. In the first lesson you will learn what to do when your child wont listen. You’ll also learn what happens when your buttons are pushed.

The Positive Discipline Workbook book can be used for self-study. Or, you may want to invite friends for a parenting party and learn together. Each lesson includes an outline that can be used for a two-hour presentation that includes experiential activities. The workbook is designed to be used with the Positive Discipline Book and the Positive Discipline Tool Cards, or it can stand alone.

Workbook Topics Include:

Lesson 1

  • What Do You Want for your Children?

Lesson 2

  • What is Positive Discipline?
  • Kind AND Firm
  • Positive Time Out

Lesson 3

  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Belief Behind the Behavior
  • Mistaken Goal Chart
Lesson 4

  • Encouragement
  • Routine Charts

Lesson 5

  • Connection Before Correction
  • Natural and Logical Consequences
  • Focusing on Solutions through Family Meetings
  • Wheels of Choice

Lesson 6

  • What is My Part? (Lifestyle Priorities)
  • Mistakes as Opportunities to Learn
  • Empowering Vs Enabling

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